Make 2020 Secession


On display from 17 October 2020


From the series of workshops About your body, my workshop for women on beauty and self-esteem, the series of photo sets created in 2018 2019 was born. From these photos a research on the beauty of the female body began.
A series of images of women, women translators of fears, slaves of taboos, but also fatal females, vindictive and self-comforting, women sure of their own identity, freed from centuries of darkness, traveling and in transformation, evolved. Each with a story, with marks on the body and soul, victims and carnifecs in the long journey of life.
Many other projects of mine come together in this project: the nude and the body I have been studying since 1996, Sign from 2000, Fate from 2001, Ana 2004, So Ugly 2006, the Vjtable from 2006, Concrete from 2010, About your body from 2014, Noi social 4 Women of 2016, performative portraits and perhaps a large part of my photographic journey.
Color and aesthetics become main themes: women and their stories become a word: healing, transformation, justice, freedom, lightness ...
The result of about 5 years of study and research on the theme of beauty and the representation of women in art, this work takes me to unknown shores, to be explored, to learn.
With a clear reference to Klimt's thinking on women and their representation: Secession 2020 marks a change of pace in my research, I abandon my clichés and push myself into the experimentation of beauty.

Il Cantautore Daniele Sarno mi ha fatto sentire questo brano stupendo che ho collegato immediatamente al mio lavoro. 
E' con enorme piacere che ve lo presento insieme alle mie fotografie.  Clicca e ascolta!